8 Simple Ways to turn the Zero Moment of Truth into a Win


8 Simple Ways to turn the Zero Moment of Truth into a Win

News flash: The customer’s not always right.
The truth is, they’re in control.
Yip, for the first time in history, consumers own a part of the path-to-purchase.

How did that happen? Well, it all started with the mobile phone…

In the past, marketers would broadcast a message to as many people as possible
through mass media communications such as TV, newspapers etc.
Then they’d sit back and wait for people to start buying.

When a customer did, in fact, make their way to the store, there was the “First Moment of Truth” – when they saw your product in the flesh.
If they bought it and liked it, you had the “Second Moment of Truth”, when they would hopefully recommend it to someone else.
But now with over 2 billion (Article: Number of smartphone users worldwide) owning a smartphone, the buying cycle is a lot more complex.

Mobile and IOT (Internet of things) innovation have provided unlimited access to price comparisons, reviews and other information that people use to make their purchasing decisions. In fact, Google’s research highlights that people use an average of 22 sources of information between seeing an ad and purchasing a product. Even more so in the travel and hospitality industry with users reviewing 40+ sources.

Welcome to the “Zero Moment of Truth”.

Google coined that phrase in 2011 by stating: “If you’re available at the Zero Moment of Truth, your customers will find you at the very moment they’re thinking about buying, and also when they’re thinking about thinking about buying.”

How do you make sure you participate in that moment?

You’ll need to:

3 in 4 smartphones

  • Make sure there is a prompt supply of your data online i.e. if Ryan from Camps Bay wants a craft beer and you have 8 different types on tap, your information needs to show up when he searches on Google.
  • But don’t rely solely on SEO. It’s okay to request feedback from happy customers. Research shows that 84% of customers trust online reviews (Article: Customers trust online review).
  • Tap into the video content trend. Why? For one, YouTube is the second most popular search engine. And also, people are drawn to the simple and informative format that is video.
    Think: testimonials, product instructions, and even webinars.
  • Make sure your website is responsive for mobile usage. You may not have the budget for a full-on mobile marketing assault, but you can optimise for mobile devices.
  • Invest in consistent, organic social reach. If your brand looks active and ready to respond and educate, you’ll stand out.
  • Address customer concerns, answer FAQs, entertain, enrich and yes, boost your Google rankings too.
  • Automate your emails. Send out drip and trigger campaigns so you’re always at the top of the inbox.
  • Use paid social media and paid search ads. You’ll boost your presence and target high-intent customers. i.e Shirley from Ballito, who’s been searching for a garden hose for three weeks now. Thankfully your ad about discount hoses is now popping up on every web page she goes to because you launched your paid search ads yesterday.

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