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In the 1800s Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

Before that, it was dark. But with a flick of a switch, people could see, understand and begin to innovate in ways that would forever change the way we live. Think LED lights monitoring our health, Artificial Intelligence moving into the workforce, microwaves heating up your dinner…even space travel. And – yes – the internet. 

Since the invention of the light bulb, things have been less gloomy, but we’ve also picked up the pace.
We’re moving really fast: There are over 1 trillion photos taken every year and more content gets uploaded to the web in a day than was generated in the past decade. Intense. The internet of a million, billion, trillion things can be a scary, dark place for brands.
That’s where we come in. 

“Lumen” is the measure of visible light emitted from some source. Think of LUMEN Digital Marketing as your own personal internet light bulb, illuminating all things digital. We take data and simplify it to connect you to the most relevant prospects online.
We help you maximise your ROI and grow your business. Simple.

Within the digital environment, the more you dig the more you will find. We’ll help you understand these intricacies and the finite detail where the devil lives. The smaller the area the brighter the light, and the higher the Lumens. 

At LUMEN we’re inspired by the potential of digital.
Let us switch on your online presence so you can shine.
Edison would want it that way. 

Let us switch on your digital presence so you can shine.

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We take data and simplify it to create winning digital strategies for your business.

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We connect you to the most relevant prospects online to drive results.

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We build strategies driven by scientific, measurable data.

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We help you maximise your ROI.




Rian Carstens


Rian has been in the digital space for the best part of the last 15 years. He is as passionate about digital today as he was when he first started his career. He has helped digitally transform some of the worlds biggest brands like Blackberry, Samsung, UBS, Dell, SKY, Symantec, GE Money, Paypal, Xerox, Tom Tom, Sony Ericsson, RCS and Brandhouse to mention a few. He is also the founder of the Digital Marketing Collective – an event that aims to improve and grow the stature of South Africa’s digital marketing industry. He loves innovation and is always looking for the next big thing in the digital market. When not enjoying time with his family, he is working on improving his golf handicap.



Michelle Dobson

Managing Director

During a marketing career spanning 18 years, Michelle has honed her skill set across multiple marketing disciplines, including brand positioning, database marketing, campaign development and CRM. Combined with her experience in project management, and having worked in marketing management roles for an impressive list of global and local brands (Adidas, British Airways, Cell C, Red Bull Mobile, RCS Group) Michelle offers a unique understanding of the role digital marketing plays in the achievement of an organisation’s overall marketing strategy.  Michelle considers herself a music snob, and in her spare time she enjoys the odd triathlon and travelling to new places.



Tamarin van Reenen

Head of Paid Media

Tamarin has over a decade of experience in digital marketing (specifically acquisition marketing) having worked as the Digital Marketing Manager for BET.co.za and with performance agency Clicks2Customers (clients included Clientelle, Liberty Life, ADT, Flightsite, and Europcar to name a few).  She headed up the Paid Media team for a competitor agency before returning to LUMEN in the role of Head of Paid Media. Tamarin has worked on performance marketing strategies across various platforms and enjoys using data insights to find gaps and opportunities and to optimise to get more bang for our client’s buck.  When not at work Tamarin is looking after her young family.