Case Study - 11ST

Case Study – 11st


LUMEN grows 11st Gross Merchandise Value by 31% in 6 months through digital marketing

The Challenge:

11st, a joint venture between 11st Korea and Cellcom Malaysia is a challenger e-commerce brand in Malaysia that had been active in the market for little over 12 months by June 2016. Lumen was asked to develop a digital transformation strategy to increase the reach of new visitors whilst
improving GMV (sales and revenue) and cost ratios.

LUMEN identified the problem areas, which formed part of the strategy recommendations:

  • Poor user experience creating lack of relevance to the audience
  • Lack of best practice being utilized
  • No attribution modeling in place to value last click traffic
  • No customer segmentation strategy in place
  • No scientific approach to budget allocation

Key achievements:

  • 82% conversion rate growth from June to November 2016
  • 24% unique visitor growth from June to November 2016
  • 31% growth in Gross Merchant Value (GMV)
  • 14% Return on Advertisers Spend (ROAS) growth


From July 2016 to December 2016, LUMEN conducted a transformation strategy and implemented best practice quick fixes, the outputs were:

  • 46 best practice elements were identified and resolved
  • New customer segmentation strategy developed to increase conversion rates
  • We diversified the channel combination in order to generate more and higher quality leads
  • Optimization of budget into the highest performing channels