Case Study - Diageo

Case Study – Diageo


Embracing Performance culture boosts Diageo’s ROI by 3.37 times

“The digital transformation [project] is an exciting and needed journey that will help us to become [leaders] in digital allowing our brands to connect with their consumers at the right moment, with the right message, via the right device.”

The Challenge:

Diageo (formerly known as Brandhouse) had 10 leading alcohol brands, each with their own lead agency, which required a transformation in order to achieve their strategic marketing objectives. LUMEN’s approach was to start with a thorough audit of current campaigns which led to an iterative process via multiple workshops with partners, brand managers and executives.

The objectives for the campaign was:

  • To maximise the business contribution of digital through investment in digital technologies and digital media channels.
  • To create a disproportionate share of mental availability for Diageo brands amongst connected consumers.
  • To influence consumers and move them from consideration to purchase.
  • To digitally enable Diageo brands to communicate with consumers and customers when the industry regulations restrict the use of conventional advertising channels (i.e. print, tv and/or radio).
  • Equip Diageo marketing teams with the tools to gather, read and utilise market insights to achieve strategic goals

LUMEN achieved 32 quick wins within the initial 3 months by implementing best practice and easy fixes on the go.

Key Achievements:

  • Social Media drives 52% more traffic after refining the messaging
  • Landing page optimisation boosts conversion rate by 15%
  • Targets exceeded by 165% due to on-going optimisation (competition hosted by the brand)


LUMEN entrenched a culture of transformation, focus and learning by growing the digital marketing expertise and technologies within the Diageo marketing teams. This enabled the marketing teams to achieve their brand’s KPIs through digital channel optimisations.
6 Strategic long-term projects were then implemented over the next 15 month period which covered media campaigns, new technologies, data, people training & restructures, partner selection and innovation.