Case Study - RCS

Case Study – RCS


LUMEN grows RCS’s new customer acquisition by 238% through digital performance

The Challenge:

RCS is a leading provider of financial services products in Southern Africa, owned by BNP Paribas (Europe’s largest bank).
Their product offering includes Store Cards (retail credit facility) and Personal Loans.

LUMEN was asked to develop a digital transformation strategy to increase new customer acquisition, and identified the following challenges:

  • Limited exposure by the client to the changing digital landscape
  • Missed opportunities within digital environment
  • Low marketing investment into digital marketing vs other marketing channels
  • Low customer engagement due to poor online user experience
  • Limited adherence to best-practice within digital

Objectives of the RCS strategy was:

  • Acquire new customers for personal loans and credit card products.
  • Diversify the digital channel mix to reach more quality prospects.

Key Achievements:

  • 84% year-on-year growth 2013 to 2014 on main KPI (i.e. growth of new acquisition).
  • 80% year-on-year growth from 2015 to 2016 on main KPI (i.e. growth of new acquisition).
  • 44% year-on-year reduction in cost per new acquisition since the inception of the new strategy until 2015.


  • 125% Month-on-Month growth in acquisition from the first month of executing against the new strategy (i.e. September to October 2013).
  • A further 40% month-on-month growth from Oct ’13 to Nov ’13
  • 119 best practice elements were identified and remedied.