Affiliate Marketing



Are you wanting to generate more quality leads?

“We don’t need any more leads,” said nobody ever.

The reality is, Sales teams love leads. And we love helping generate them.

Prospects are online all.the.time. Using their mobile phones, receiving emails, entering sweepstakes, visiting websites. All these users need something at some time. How great would it be to place your product in front of them at the right time? Whoever can best direct these ready-to-buy consumers to companies who can fill their needs can take a healthy percentage of the business.

Through a network of affiliate partners, LUMEN’s sister company is able to provide a high-volume of quality, cost-effective and measurable leads to keep your sales teams busy.

Firstly, we’ll help you map out exactly which channels make sense for your business objectives. Then, using a variety of high-volume channels such as SMS, outbound emails, lead-generation forms through 3rd Party websites, sweepstakes and numerous other channels, our Affiliate Partners are able to reach your target audience by segmenting based on various customer fields available.

Everything is kept above-board and we remain fully compliant, only targeting consumers who have agreed to be contacted in this way. Win!

Performance guaranteed and you only pay when a prospect converts to a customer. What’s not to love?

What we do:

  • Help you identify which channels and partners are suitable for your product and your target audience
  • Work with our sister company to manage setup of your campaign, using best-practice and experience to offer guidance
  • Connect your product with thousands, often millions, of prospects
  • Track, measure and optimise based on performance results during the campaign to give you bang for your marketing buck
  • Report back to you on what’s working

Through our network of partners, we can help your marketing campaigns stretch so much further, to reach a large number of prospects.


  • Access to reputable and trusted affiliate partner network
  • High volumes for maximum reach
  • Cost per sale model – only pay for the leads you generate
  • Measurable through a combination of analytics and technology


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