Community Management



Want to manage customer satisfaction, and drive loyalty and conversions online?

Like it or not, social media is where people talk about product issues and (mostly negative) customer service experiences.
A Community Manager is responsible for advocating a brand on social networks.

The good news is that community management is an amazing opportunity to address customers’ concerns. Simply put, well-executed conversations can change consumers’ perceptions of a brand.

But community management can be a massive undertaking, and many companies simply don’t have the resources or know-how to manage it in-house.

That’s where we come in.

We will help you nurture your customer relationships online to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, and act on opportunities to convert interested prospects into happy customers, making sure there are no leaks in the conversion funnel.

Sound good?
At LUMEN, we know how to do just that.

How? By developing clear communication that is persuasive and speaks to your customer’s needs.

What we do:

  • Monitor conversations on your owned social media platforms.
  • Create value by answering questions, leveraging opportunities to convert and taking potential conflict offline and out of the public space.
  • Strengthen relationships and brand affinity by using various customer care tactics.


  • Brand awareness, which helps with “the halo effect” (The overall impression of a brand which influences a person’s feelings and thoughts about that brand).
  • Positive brand perception leads to improved lead-generation and conversions.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your audience.
  • Valuable, real-time customer insights.
  • Build stronger customer relationships.


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