Are you delivering a seamless consumer journey that encourages conversion?


Online opportunities and technologies are changing constantly, and the internet can be a scary, dark place for brands. Armed with a mobile phone, customers can compare prices, buy products and post content anywhere, anytime. Simply put, the path to purchase is no longer a straight line, and to keep up, brands need to create successful omni-channel experiences.

Your website, social presence, creative and paid media should be integrated, seamless and engaging. Staying ahead of competitors and meeting consumer expectations is made easier when you have a skilled team of experts guiding you.

The LUMEN consultation package offers you a fresh perspective, combined with strategic direction that’s geared towards improved revenue streams. Our team excels at digital transformation and strategy development – get in touch for a free half hour consultation.


What we do

  • Increase the value of your marketing investments.
  • Identify opportunities within the digital landscape.
  • Collect and make sense of your data.
  • Convert insights into actionable outcomes.
  • Reinvent business processes or business models.
  • Create a stronger value proposition.
  • Improve the impact of your digital marketing.
  • Review your website, online advertising, and social media strategies.


  • Identify ways in which your digital marketing activity can create tangible results.
  • Leverage data and connectivity.
  • Change the way you compete.
  • Improve how you currently operate.
  • Create new business models and sources of value.

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