Are you telling relevant brand stories that help you engage with your target audience?

 Engaged customers convert better. Fact.

You need to engage with your audience regularly and consistently to educate them, demonstrate expertise in your space, nurture your existing customers and prospects, and increase brand awareness to stay top of mind.

There is so much content circulating online right now. Having a website presence and a Facebook page is simply not enough anymore.

To keep customers engaged, you must be authentic and relevant. And you need to understand which are the best social platforms to share your message on.

The truth is, creating consistent, quality content is no small feat.

LUMEN can help. We use an innovative, measured and measurable approach.

The result? Successful brand stories that are guaranteed to reach your target audience, build brand affinity and increase conversions.

What we do:

  • Engage your customers with consistent, quality content.
  • Increase brand perceptions and position your company as the authority on certain topics.
  • Build trust of your brand in the online space, by being authentic and relevant to your target audience.
  • Syndicate your content on the right social media and online platforms for increased exposure.
  • Generate credibility for your brand.
  • Encourage “top influencers” to interact with your brand.
  • Our content creation strategy increases conversion rates by developing brand affinity and so much more:


  • Higher organic ranking in search engines through writing for SEO (e.g. blogs).
  • See social traffic numbers (and quality followers) increase.
  • Increased conversion potential.
  • Improved brand reputation.
  • Stronger and deeper customer relationships.


Types of content:

LUMEN assists in creating specific content and curating content for the various platforms required to drive engagement.

Onsite content development:

Website content and Blog content in order to optimise your site’s authority to ensure you rank higher in search engines.

Offsite content development:

Off-site content, on the other hand, is designed to support and promote your site. This includes social media content short pieces and content published on external publications which references, cites, or otherwise raises awareness of your brand.

From editorial with links to blogs (incorporating searched keywords to assist with SEO), images in the forms of animation or photographs, animated gifs and short-form videos…we manage it all.

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