Is your website showing in search engine results?

“Google it”.
Who hasn’t used that simple phrase? Let’s face it – search engines play a massive role in our daily lives.

You want your brand to show up first when customers are searching for something online. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – does that and so much more. In fact, most marketing professionals agree that SEO has become their number one generator of quality leads.

At LUMEN, we excel at harnessing the power of organic searches. By applying best-practice, we can take your website from virtual obscurity to first-page ranking over a few months. Our performance-based approach is a comprehensive, direct line to an increased and consistent revenue stream.

What we do:

  • SEO audit: This is a health check for your website. We look at the technical infrastructure, the on-page elements and off-page essentials of
    your website to ensure you’re doing everything possible to be found by Search Engines.
  • Technical SEO services: Our team will work with you to fix any obvious issues that were identified during the audit.
  • Writing for SEO: Writing ongoingarticles for Search Engine Optimisation requires strategic skills. The articles need to be interesting and easy-to-read for humans, but include the right keywords and content for crawlers to identify your website, to ensure a higher ranking in search engines.

We drive more visitors to your site, creating opportunities for conversions and more.


  • Significantly more traffic for your website.
  • Trackable and quantifiable results over time.
  • Comprehensive analytics help with sales funnel structure and consumer behaviour insights.
  • Website easier to navigate.
  • More exposure for your website, which instils trust and builds brand awareness.


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