Web Development



Is your website relevant, inspiring and designed to take consumers through a logical user-journey?

Believe it or not, the future of branded sites lies in things like AI-powered chatbots, VR, and immersive storytelling.

That said, investing in the latest tech trends isn’t critical to your website’s success right now. If it’s designed to meet the needs of your prospects, you will see consistent results in your bottom line.

Sound good?

At LUMEN, we can create that winning formula for you.

How? Clear communication, persuasive design using UX best-practice, and an experience that speaks to your customer’s needs. Our focus is always on performance and delivering results that improve your bottom line.

What we do:

  • Look at user drop-off points, purchase journeys and how they can effect your conversion rates.
  • Use insights to create responsive, informative and visually appealing websites.


  • Improved Google Quality score
  • Increased SERP rankings
  • Improved user journey
  • Increased conversions


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